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João Santos

Activity: Former Collaborator
Telephone: +351 910 772 413

João Pedro Machado dos Santos received the M.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Coimbra on Sep. 2013, with a M.Sc. dissertation titled “SmokeNav – Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Reduced Visibility Scenarios”.

He holds currently a research fellowship and is a member of the research team of the CHOPIN (Cooperation between Human and rObotic teams in catastroPhic INcidents) R&D project, under the scientific supervision of Prof. Rui P.Rocha.

His main research interests are Collaborative Context Awareness, Information Sharing, Mixed Human-Robot Teams, Cooperative Robotics, Mobile Robotics and SLAM.


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International Journals

J. M. Santos, M. S. Couceiro, D. Portugal and R. P. Rocha, “A Sensor Fusion Layer to Cope with Reduced Visibility in SLAM”, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 80(3), pp. 401-422, Springer, Dec. 2015. |  
DOI: 10.1007/s10846-015-0180-8

A. Fernandes, M. S. Couceiro, D. Portugal, J. M. Santos and R. P. Rocha, “Ad Hoc Communication in Teams of Mobile Robots using Zigbee Technology”, Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 23(5), pp. 733-745, Wiley Periodicals, Sep. 2015. |  
DOI: 10.1002/cae.21646


Oral Presentations in Conferences with Referees

J. Machado Santos, Micael S. Couceiro, David Portugal and Rui P. Rocha – “Fusing Sonars and LRF data to Perform SLAM in Reduced Visibility Scenarios”. In Proc. of IEEE Int. Conf. on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions (ICARSC 2014), Espinho, Portugal, pp. 116-121, May 14-15, 2014. |  
DOI: 10.1109/ICARSC.2014.6849772


Oral Presentations in Conferences with Referees

J. M. Santos, D. Portugal and R. P. Rocha – “An Evaluation of 2D SLAM Techniques Available in Robot Operating System”. In Proc. of 11th IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR 2013), Linköping, Sweden, 21-26 October, 2013.
DOI: 10.1109/SSRR.2013.6719348

MSc thesis

João M. Santos – “SmokeNav – Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Reduced Visibility Scenarios”, M.Sc. dissertation, September 2013. (Supervisor: Prof. Rui P. Rocha; Co-supervisor: Eng. David Portugal) |