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João Martins

Activity: Former Collaborator

João Alexandre Simões Martins was born on the 5th of july, 1988 in Coimbra, Portugal.

He is a MSc Student of Electrical Engineering and Computers, branch of Automation, at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computers of the University of Coimbra.

On Sep. 2012, he joined the Institute of Systems and Robotics, in order to carry out his dissertation entitled “MRSLAM: Multi-Robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping”.

Supervisor: Prof. Rui Rocha

Co-advisor: Eng. David Portugal


2013 .


MSc thesis

João Martins – “MRSLAM – Multi-Robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping”, M.Sc. dissertation, September 2013. (Supervisor: Prof. Rui P. Rocha; Co-supervisor: Eng. David Portugal) |