People Information

Fernando Pais

Activity: Research Assistant

Fernando José Teixeira Franco Gouveia Pais was born on 25th August 1992, in Coimbra, Portugal. He completed his M.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of University of Coimbra on Sep. 2017. In his M.Sc. dissertation, he worked on avatar interactions to trigger social identity-related responses, under the supervision of Prof. Paulo Menezes and co-supervision of Eng. Bruno Patrão.

On Oct. 2017, he was hired as a research assistant to carry out research activities within the project EuroAGE – Innovative Initiatives for the Promotion of Active Ageing in the EuroACE Region, under the scientific supervision of Prof. Paulo Menezes.


2017 .


Oral Presentations in Conferences with Referees

Fernando Pais, Bruno Patrão and Paulo Menezes, Virtual Reality as a Training Tool For Human Interactions,’17 International Conference

Fernando Pais, Bruno Patrão and Paulo Menezes, Exploring Avatar Interactions to Trigger Social Identity-Related Responses,’17 International Conference