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Personality Profiling and User-Adaptable Behavior, a seminar by Gonçalo S. Martins
ISR Amphitheater

Nowadays, interactive systems seem to be increasingly tailored to the needs and tastes of the user. Systems learn from the interactions and data they share with their users in order to adjust their actions to their needs. These services have access to a significant amount of information such as their users’ schedules, messaging and e-mail histories, etc. On the other hand, service robots, namely in the field of Ambient Assisted Living, are usually designed to perform within a very strict operational envelope and require all knowledge to be known and locally pre-programmed.

This talk presents the author’s past year of work on the issues of Personality Profiling and Interaction Regulation, emphasizing the usage of past work as a stepping stone for further research efforts aiming at pushing the boundaries of current scientific knowledge and at being a step towards the democratization of domestic robot use.