People Information

Leandro Serrano

Activity: Former Collaborator
Telephone: (+351) 926735793
Leandro Pavón Serrano was born on Novenber 25, 1987 , in Cáceres , Spain and he has a B.Sc. on Telecommunication Engineering by the University of Extremadura , specialization in Digital Image and Audio Processing, 2011.

Leandro Pavón has been researching on the RoboLab ( Robotics Laboratory of Cáceres) from the University of Extremadura. Leandro research area is Computer Vision and Robotics and Tracking Systems. In RoboLab he was working with RoboComp framework creating two new software components:

  • camimicComp: Using Kinect sensor to select depth thresold and improve the CamShift Tracking of OpenCV.
  • moleComp: Using ARToolKit library with two marks to make a game like MoleMole. That should be a proposal for medical application in Parkinson’s patients.

He has also performed Kinect calibration (with Stereo Cam OpenCV method) and modifications in kinectComp.

Leandro Pavón is currently researching in ISR (Systems and Robotics Institute) from University of Coimbra, he will integrate probabilistics methods to 3D reconstruction from 2D vision with multicamera in 2D+Depth vision with Kinect.

He is being supervised by Jorge Dias with co-supervision of João Filipe Ferreira in University of Coimbra and by Pedro Núñez in University of Extremadura.