The ISR-UC has most of the necessary equipment to conduct all research within this project. It has several devices dedicated to the acquisition of multi-modal data from both the robot and the end-user perspective, to acquire ground truth data for developing its research. Those devices provide different perspectives about the different interaction strategies:

  • 2 Robotic platforms prototypes for experimentation and to be used during the project.
  • A Augmented reality setup with VR glasses.
  • A Body Motion Capture (MVN from XSENS) to capture ground truth data about the body motion of the interacting with persons and study the joint attention mechanisms;
  • A SmartRoom equipped with a network of Ethernet Pro Silica G650 colour cameras.
  • Laser Scanner.

These are complemented with RGB-D sensors for documenting the sessions from an external perspective, with vision-based data of the teleoperator, the object and the environment. Additionally, we have the supporting structure for an online database, encompassing the necessary tools (e.g. annotation, data visualization) to perform information storage and session recording. Examples can be seen on