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José Sousa

Activity: Former Collaborator
Telephone: +351 916 080 367

José António Monteiro de Sousa
was born on 3th of August of 1986 in Leiria, Portugal. He is a MSc Student of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in the branch of Computer Science at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra.

For MSc degree, he is preparing his thesis entitled as “Person identifier system based on their movement”.

Supervisor: Prof. Jorge Dias.

Co-advisor: Eng. Luis Santos.


2013 .


Oral Presentations in Conferences with Referees

L. Santos, J. Sousa and J. Dias – “Vision-based Laban Motion Signatures for Person Identification”. In 2nd Workshop on Recognition and Action for Scene Understanding (REACTS), satellite event of the 15th International Conference of Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP), ISBN: 978-84-616-7092-5, 2013. |