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External lecture

Robótica e a complexidade em imitar o comportamento humano
Museu da Ciência – Coimbra

by Jorge Dias
“E(I)mergência da Complexidade” is the topic for a meeting of researchers from various fields of science (medicine, economics, philosophy, physics and psychology, among others), taking place at
Saturday, May 22 at the Museum of Science, University of Coimbra, between 10 and 18 hours.

The initiative aims to discuss the role of complexity in the contemporary world.
This symposium will use common terms and non-technical to talk about how complexity can be obtained from simpler elements, and how complexity can be understood differently at different scales. The concepts of complexity will be analyzed in several areas: Philosophy, Quantum Mechanics, Physics of Chaos, Robotics, Economics and Management.
In the final round table we will see how these areas interrelate.

The discussion involves issues such as what life is, what constitutes the richness, the boundaries of robotics and what the future of the university in Portugal and abroad.