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A review of the TICE.Healthy project
ISR Amphitheater

The project TICE.Healthy is part of a consortium with several sub-projects. These sub-projects, named PPS’s, are all linked with health-care and will inter-operate with each other. University of Coimbra is in charge of PPS#3 – Mind.Care, which consists in developing a monitoring system for patients with degenerative mental disorders. The objective of this monitoring is to detect stressful situations in the everyday life of the patient. This monitoring is achieved through the use of sensors on the patient that will measure and analyze signals such as the heartbeat frequency, the electrodermal activity and the movement of the patient by using an accelerometer. In the events of a stress situation, an alarm is triggered and sent to the main platform, the assigned doctor and the responsible familiar.

Speakers: Carlos Cortinhas, Samuel Pedro, and Bruno Patrão