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Immersive Virtual Reality Systems for Therapy, a seminar by Bruno Patrão
ISR Amphitheater

Virtual reality has been establishing itself as a powerful tool for the treatment of panic disorder and anxiety. Research carried out so far, witch uses virtual reality for exposure therapy, demonstrated the potential of this technology for the treatment of various types of phobias. In this work we will focus on the development of mixed reality-based systems suitable for the use in psychological therapies in two parts. First, we aim to develop an innovative framework that allows the creation and manipulation of experiments oriented to psychological therapy. Second, we will explore the body motion analysis and bio signals data for emotion/affect recognition. These experiments will be tested and evaluated in real scenarios by therapists with clinical patients. The results from this work will enable the assessment of the efficacy and its improvements in order to apply, in a generalized way, to individuals with emotional, behavioural and psychological problems