Title: Call for papers for the Elsevier Journal on Neurocomputing
Date: 2013-11-13
Source: Call for papers website
Special Issue on Recognition and Action for Scene Understanding

Perceiving and understanding scenes and human behaviours is a key technology for smart environments, human-machine interaction and robotics and all are growing research fields with many future applications. Surveillance of populated environments, recognition of human activities and intentions, tracking of pedestrians in urban areas or detection of intruders are examples tasks that all rely on the ability to robustly detect abnormal. There is a great demand for even more robust systems, especially over a wider range of conditions for indoor and outdoor environments. There is also an increasing interest from industry for small-scale, low cost and robust surveillance systems.

Scene and human behavior analysis and understanding have become popular topics in Computer Science which combines issues such as attention in cognitive systems, object detection and recognition, global scene recognition and human sensing. Hence, it involves joining efforts and sharing knowledge from different research areas such as Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Machine Intelligence, Software Engineering and Cognitive Sciences. Besides, it is closely related to several emerging application areas (e.g., smart environments, video surveillance, visual-based mobile robot navigation, wearable sensors, and the detection and understanding of events and activities in video data).

The focus of this special issue to be published in Elsevier Journal on Neurocomputing will be on all aspects of perceptual search and exploration, attention guidance, 3D object classification or human behavior description and recognition. However, many other abilities such as spatio-temporal processing or multi-sensor fusion can also rely on the Scene Understanding topic.


  • Paper Submission: 1 June 2014;
  • Decision Notification: 1 October 2014;
  • Possible revision: 1 December 2014;
  • Camera-Ready Submission: 1 February 2015;

If you intend to contribute to this special issue, please send a title and abstract of your contribution to the guest editors.

The submissions will be handled through the Electronic Editorial System of Elsevier. Prospective authors are invited to register at http://ees.elsevier.com/neucom/ and submit their papers electronically in a format consistent with the author submission guidelines of Neurocomputing. When submitting, please indicate that your manuscript is a Special Issue Paper and select the topic Recognition and Action for Scene Understanding (REACTS), when prompted by the system. For questions regarding submissions to the special issue, please contact one of the guest editors. For technical questions regarding the submission website, please contact the support office at Elsevier or the guest editors.

Guest Editors:

Rebeca Marfil
ISIS group, Dept. Electronic Technology, Universidad de Malaga - Spain

Jorge Dias
Institute of Systems and Robotics, Universidade de Coimbra  - Portugal

Francisco Escolano
Universidad de Alicante - Spain