Structure-function imaging for quantitative phenotyping of retinal degenerations
Project Type: General Research Project
Research Field: Multisensor Fusion and Multirobot Systems for 3D Reconstruction
Sponsors: POSI/EEA-SRI/60716/2004

Following previous work on the field of medical imaging on the topic of ophthalmology, new opportunities and needs for data integration have emerged. The topic is now broader and follows the global direction of modern medicine.

This multidisciplinary project aims to understand how patterns of degeneration in the adult human retina are related to the organization of its functional mosaics. It is important to establish new quantitative strategies that can explore structure-function relations in the retina, which may help clarify why retinal degenerations exhibit considerable inter- and intra-familial variation in their expression. The goal is to better understand the normal function of different retinal pathways and apply this knowledge to the improvement of quantitative phenotyping.

This is only possible by taking into consideration the possibility of data integration, i.e., by merging information from the structure and function, and therefore a new toolbox will have to be provided to the medical community.

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