DIVA – Dirigível Instrumentado para Vigilância Aérea
Project Type: General Research Project
Research Field: Multisensor Fusion and Multirobot Systems for 3D Reconstruction
Sponsors: POSI/SRI/45040/2002
Time span: 01/2004-01/2006

DIVA is the portuguese acronym for "Dirigível Instrumentado para Vigilância Aérea".

This is a project in the area of aerial robotics, an area which has justified a growing interest in recent times, with very different application objectives, namely in the civilian domain, for monitoring of roads, detection of forest fires, inspection of power lines. Among the advantages of the airship solution, we may cite its natural stability, low operational costs, reduced pollution, and the ability to move at very low airspeeds or even hover.

The project involves a team of researchers from IDMEC/IST, from ISR/Coimbra from the University of Minho.

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