Autonomous Navigation and Multi-Sensorial Perception and Real-Time Localization for a Mobile Robot (Navegação Autónoma e Localização em Tempo Real para um Robot Móvel com Percepção Multi-sensorial)
Project Type: PhD Project
Research Field: Visual Navigation and Tracking for Human-Machine Interaction
Time span: 03/2002-02/2007

This project involves the execution of a path in the environment using only a topological description of the path layout in terms of the Landmarks that will be found and the motion that must be performed.

As an intermediate step, an 'environmental familiarisation' phase has been introduced during which the robot is lead along the path that it must subsequently retrace autonomously. The robot gathers the perception autonomously and 'learns' the path. This phase is introduced in order to account for limitations that a communication semantic between robot and user might present and also to account for the different sensor capabilities and attention fixing mechanisms used by the robot and the user.

Related People

Jorge Dias
Caetano Filipe Costa de Noronha Ferreira