TICE Mobilidade
Project Type: General Research Project
Research Field: ICT for Mobility Systems Integration

The project "TICE.Mobilidade, fits in" Generations "of the regulation of the Systemof Incentives for Research and Technological Development (RTD), and is one of theanchor projects inserted in the pole TICE.PT - Pole of Competitiveness and Technology.

It was proposed taking into account that the area of ​​mobility has been identified as apriority in the European economic and social policies (the European economy losesannually about 100 billion euros, or 1% of EU GDP, due to problems mobility) andthe action plan of TICE.PT have elected the "Mobility"as one of their key areas for action.

Aims to provide marketing services focused on user mobility, using a digital platformfor such a facilitator and thereby converging to the availability of such solutions on the market.

Achieving this objective involves the exploration of new solutions to urban transport more efficient and comprehensive, through the use of information andcommunication technologies (ICT) to integrate the various solutions available, anenvironmentally friendly way, and with more energy efficient quality for users, in coordination and cooperation with other national initiatives.

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