Bayesian approaches to human motion characterization and synthesis based on Laban Movement Analysis
Project Type: PhD Project
Research Field: Human Motion Modelling
Sponsors: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia: Ph.D. Scholarship - SFRH / BD / 65935 / 2009
Time span: 01/2010-01/2013

This project researchs Bayesian models to perform both Analysis and Synthesis of human motion based on a a descriptive language: Laban Movement Analysis. It is divided in 3 main phases:
(1) Develop the hierarchic and reversible model to perform the aforedmentioned processes;
(2) Formulate motion signatures based on Laban syntax, which allow to identify a person based on the way they move;
(3) Develop a probabilistic methodology allowing adapting trajectories according to the synthesized features and encompassing their behavioural characteristics.

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