Development of Techniques for Multimodal Object Exploration
Project Type: PhD Project
Research Field: Autonomous Robotic Manipulation
Sponsors: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia: Ph.D. Scholarship - SFRH/BD/65990/2009
Time span: 01/2010-01/2013

This work intends to contribute to the development of autonomous dexterous robotic hand platforms by proposing a framework to represent the softness properties of the manipulated objects. The framework proposes a probabilistic object centred volumetric representation of softness properties of the object, which allows the abstraction of the context of the manipulation.

The method proposed to constuct this representation is designed to progressively receive and integrate multi point hand related haptic data, as occurs during the natural human in-hand object exploration. The approach integrates information from cutaneous tactile sensing type (force intensity, contact area) and from kinesthetic sensing type (force intensity and displacement). The proposed methodology is also independent of the number of elements used in the active exploration of the object. This approach is suitable to represent the softness of homogeneous and heterogeneous (spatial discontinuities in the hardness/softness).

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