ROSint: Control and integration of a mobile robot in ROS architecture
Project Type: MSc Project
Research Field: Autonomous Mobile Robotics
Time span: 02/2011-02/2012

This M.Sc project consists in controlling and integrating the capabilities of a robust and compact mobile platform in ROS (Robotic Operating System), a popular robotic framework, for various research purposes (e.g., running algorithms for cooperative multi-robot systems independently of the hardware).

TraxBot is moved by tracks, being fed with powerful DC motors and equipped with ultrasonic range sensors. It has the possibility to add more sensors due to its physical and processing architecture. It works with an Arduino UNO board equipped with an Atmega 328 microcontroller. In addition, for more demanding processing, a notebook with 1.66Ghz running ROS can also be used.In terms of communication both ZigBee and WiFi 802.11b/g/n wireless connections are available. All these robot features become available through the interface with a ROS driver for TraxBot.
In future work, TraxBot will be used for patrolling, and foraging in real scenarios and integration in heterogeneous swarm teams, among others.

Related People

Rui P. Rocha
Micael Couceiro
AndrÚ Ara˙jo
David Portugal