Wireless Teams – Comparison of Wireless Tecnologies for Communication in Mobile Robotics Teams
Project Type: MSc Project
Research Field: Cooperative Robotics
Time span: 09/2011-09/2012

In mobile robotics there is a need to enable interaction and coordination of a team of robots. A good communication system will expand the capacity and versatility of this team. The low cost, low power operation and suitability for radiofrequency applications, turns ZigBee into a very actractive tecnology from the point of view of communication between teams of small robots.

The main objective of this work is to implement the communication between different members of the team of mobile robots, making the integration and functionality of the module XBeeTM OEM RF platform via serial commands standard Arduino (based on C/C++) and compare with other wireless technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi.

Related People

Rui P. Rocha
Micael Couceiro
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