Head and gaze tracking
Project Type: MSc Project
Research Field: Augmented Reality
Time span: 09/2011-09/2012


The goal is to analyze when a user presents similar behaviors in immersive augmented reality (AR) environments as it would be on a real environments. Eye/head gaze path information can provide objective to measures to “sense of presence” on augmented reality environments.

Description of work

Task 1: State of the art

Analyze the state of the art, evaluate and select eye/head gaze tracking methods that tend to be intuitive, easy to use, non-invasive and cheap.

Task 2: Hardware/Software setup

This subtask aims the data acquisition setup, video camera, software development to perform path analysis. This task intends to develop standards procedures for system calibration.

Task 4: Eye and/or head tracking

Develop and implement an interface that controls an application by tracking eyes and/or head with non invasive and cheap technologies. Evaluate opengaze webcam-based eye tracker and precision measures procedures aiming the characterization of eye/head path movement’s patterns on augmented reality environments.

Task 5: Augmented Reality Scene Generation

Augmented reality scene generation. Scene stimulus definition and progressive inclusion. Sense of presence factors analyses (anxiety, stress, etc). Real scenes eye/head path characterization and comparison with immersive AR environments.

Experimental demo setup designed to enhance user senses.

Task 7: Evaluation

Conduct experiences with several people to evaluate the intuitiveness, applicability and stress associate to the proposed solutions.


- Prototype of the Interface

- Interfaces Demo

- Report on eye/head movement’s analyses, augmented reality stimulus generation and software application

- Publication

Advisors: Professor Paulo Menezes (DEEC), and Luis Almeida (IPT)

Requirements: C/C++ programming skills

Useful skill: Computer Graphics Programming (OpenAR - Augmented Reality development tool, OpenCV, OpenGL, artificial vision capturing and processing techniques)

Related People

Paulo Menezes
Luís Almeida
Miguel Brito