Analysis of user concentration during interaction
Project Type: MSc Project
Research Field: Augmented Reality
Time span: 09/2011-09/2012

The webcams that incorporate personal computers and which can be connected externally, have increased image resolution and an affordable price. Having this technology available, the aim of this thesis is to develop a method to infer the level of contraction when people are using computers. To achieve this, it will be needed to analyze eye movements using predefined patterns and training data in order to evaluate and characterize the level of concentration of users. It is available at the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR) an EyeTrack equipment that will be used to perform the experiments in this work. A graphical interface will be developed to present the results of the system.

Description of work

Task 1: State of the art

Analyze the state of the art, considering related work in this area. A comparison between the available research works must be made in order to identify where those approaches lack, and to enable the proposal of a novel method.

Task 2: Hardware/Software setup

This subtask aims to prepare the data acquisition setup. The eye tracker, camera and the software development to data acquisition and application protocol interface must be tested and integrated. This task is important for the following steps of the research work.

Task 3: Calibration Procedure

In this subtask is intended to use a calibration procedure calibrate both the eye tracker and the used cameras.

Task 4: Concentration levels inference algorithm

In this task an algorithm will be developed to analyze the concentration of the user through the analysis of data acquired by the camera. It will be applied computer vision algorithms to identify the location of eyes in the image and to track the eyes. This task should take into account the analysis made to the state of the art in order to develop a new method and to be a new contribution to the scientific community.

Task 5: Graphical Interfaces

Development of a graphical interface to present the results of calculations performed by the system. This interface must provide information to users about the data used, such as time-stamp, the eye focus, ocular movements, graphs representing the calculated data. This graphical interface may command the start and stop acquisition of the video camera.

Task 6: Evaluation

Conduct experiences with several people to evaluate the reliability of the proposed solutions.


- Prototype of the Interface

- Developed code

- Final report

- Scientific Publication

Advisers: Professor Paulo Menezes (DEEC), Paulo Freitas (ISR)

Requirements: C/C++ programming skills

Useful skill: OpenCV experience, MATLAB

Related People

Paulo Menezes
Adriano Galante
Paulo Freitas