Non-standard and cheap inerfaces for software applications
Project Type: MSc Project
Research Field: Augmented Reality
Time span: 09/2011-09/2012


The next elderly generation belongs to the information society and they want to keep using application that is familiar with and with new ones. Communications, on-line social interaction and visual-audio stimulating games are important to encourage elderly people to perform physical activities and keep the moral high when confined to their houses. Mobility and member atrophy on those ages are problems that tend to difficult the mouse and keyboard interaction. The aim of this work is to investigate new effective, non-intrusive, easier and cheap interfaces to control software applications. Human pose, eye-tracking, head-tracking are the potentials cues for the proposed research. The interface system can be fixed or mobile.

Description of work

Task 1 State of the art

Analyze the state of the art, evaluate and select the interface methods that tend to be intuitive, easy to use, non-invasive, cheap and easily upgradable.

Task 2: Hardware/Software setup

This subtask aims to the construction/setup of of a kinect device and software development to data acquisition and application to application protocol interface. Hardware acquisitin.

Task 3: Person following

This task is devoted to the use of 3D range data, to track and control the mobile robot so that it follows the human interacting with it.

Task 4: Eye and/or head Tracking

Develop and implement an interface that controls an application by tracking eyes and/or head with non invasive and cheap technologies

Task 5: 2D Image and Depth Sensor Fusion

Develop the mathematics that permit to fuse 2D image information from webcams and 3D information from depth sensor (ex: kinect) cameras to use as input. Modeling the system device and model the measures uncertainty.

Task 6: Evaluation

Conduct experiences with several people to evaluate the intuitiveness, applicability and stress associate to the proposed solutions.

Deliverables :

- Prototype of the Interface

- Interfaces Demo

- Report of Interfaces using Gesture, Eye and Head to control software application

- Publication

Advisors: Professor Paulo Menezes (DEEC), Luís Almeida (IP Tomar)

Requirements: C/C++ programming skills

Useful skill: Computer Graphics Programming (OpenAR - Augmented Reality development tool, OpenCV, OpenGL)


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