Here you can see a list of available software developed in the Artificial Perception for Intelligent Systems and Robotics team.


  • Stereo Laser Range Finder Calibration Toolbox (SLaRF)

    Date: 2011-12-29

    SLaRF is a calibration toolbox to estimate the extrinsic parameters among a Laser Range finder (LRF) and an stereo camera.

    Maintainer: Hadi Aliakbarpour

    More information and downloads here

  • Inertial Measurement Unit and Camera Calibration Toolbox

    Date: 2008-06-27

    InerVis Toolbox for Matlab is a calibration toolbox developed in MatLab to perform Relative Pose Calibration between Visual and Inertial Sensors.

    Maintainer: Doctor Jorge Lobo

    More information and Downloads here